What is AN?(Acanthosis nigricans)

AN is a skin condition associated with brown-black velvety discoloration along with thickening of the skin. It is most commonly seen on the back of the neck, underarms and groins. AN may also be seen on the face and back of the hands, knuckles and the feet.

What causes AN?

Increased levels of insulin most commonly leads to AN. It is commonly associated with diabetes mellitus. Medicines such as corticosteroids and estrogens may also cause AN.

What are the other features associated with AN?

AN is usually associated with obesity and skin tags. It has also been seen in people with PCOS.

What is the treatment of AN?

Removal of the triggering factor may help to reduce AN. Weight loss and diet control definitely help. Topical medications like urea, retinoid creams may help as well.

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