anti- egeing

Dr.Dixit is quite often asked this question – ‘What would you recommend for anti-aging?’. Here is her list of top 5 anti-aging agents.


Always wear it, whenever you step outside. It would be doing your skin a great favor. Even if it seems like a cloudy day, or even if it is a quick errand of 10, minutes, sunscreen helps. It offers an anti-aging cover. It not only keeps away the effect of the sun on the skin but actually acts like a physical barrier in between the skin and the environment. Use sunscreen every day to have your skin stay younger for a lot longer. Sun not only causes wrinkling but also causes pigmentation.

Use suitable skin products

One must use only skin care products that suit their skin type. If you have oily skin, make sure you use products that are particularly meant for oily skin to avoid detrimental results. This is particularly important so as to not end up with skin that is excessively dry or moist. Gel based moisturizers must be also used to re-hydrate the skin if it is of the oily type and if the skin is of a combination type, use a lotion based product. Do note that moisturization must not be skipped even if you feel that the skin is too oily.

Lifestyle changes

Quit smoking! It not only causes lung cancer but causes a lot of aging changes on the skin. Premature lines, sagging, pigmentation etc. are brought on by smoking. Quit today.

A healthy diet

Make sure you eat a healthy diet that is full of nutrients, fruits, vegetables and enough protein. This ensures that you have enough collagen and vitamins to stimulate new skin formation. Fish, walnuts, flax seeds etc are loaded with natural anti-oxidants and nutrients that are very beneficial for the skin.


Did you know that the skin has got something called Hyaluronic acid? The only way to bring on natural Hyaluronic acid is by exercising. When you exercise, the skin experiences more blood flow which stimulates the deposition of this acid on the skin and exercise is something you can do on a daily basis without having to spend for it!

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