Skin tags are a very common condition which is usually related with aged people. Skin tags are extra growths on the skin usually seen in the neck area. It can also occur in the face and in the under-arm area. Skin tags these are usually associated with ageing, increased weight, diabetes etc. However, if you suddenly come across extra skin tags, one thing that you have to worry about is that whether you have gained weight recently. It could also happen in pregnancy which is quite common and also in patients who are developing diabetes. But if you don’t have any of these problems but still have a lot of skin tags, you could be having something that is very close to a skin tag which is called a wart.

Skin tags are easily treated by removing them with electrocautery. However, you should make sure that your lifestyle is good. You can also speak to a dermatologist to understand the difference between a skin tag and a wart. Warts needs to be addressed and treated quickly, otherwise they tend to spread a lot. Skin tags are generally harmless and need only some management in the lifestyle front.

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