Wet wipes come across as a boon. They have totally transformed the way we care for ourselves when we travel. It has become very easy to cleanse our faces, hands or even baby’s bottom, while on the move. But are these wet wipe really good for your skin?

The answer, in short, is no. Though wet wipes are very convenient, it is important to remember that they make the skin wet, which is not always a good thing. Moisture can cause micro-organisms like bacteria to multiply faster. Also, the wet tissues contain cleansing agents, preservatives and anti-bacterial agents such as parabens which may not always be good for the skin. They can make normal skin sensitive, sensitive skin to go worse and also, cause rashes.

Wetwipes, hence, are not to be used as part of your regular daily regime as it can harm the skin in the long term. It is quite to okay to use them when you are traveling and you do not have clean water at hand.

Also, it is to be remembered that wet wipes are not eligible substitutes for face cleansers. For that, a soap free face wash is always the best.

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