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Remedies to get Rid of Acne Scars and Blemishes

The left-over scars and blemishes of your teen years are an unwelcome reminder of the painfully embarrassing skin condition to do with acne. They are usually mild in most people and gradually fade away but in some others, the scars can become a cause of concern, making the skin look less attractive and robbing you […]

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Photodermatitis and How to Prevent the Condition

Sun poisoning or photoallergy are some of the common names given to photodermatitis. It’s basically a kind of skin reaction where the allergen is present in the skin and gets activated upon exposure to sunlight. It results in urticarial rashes upon exposure of uncovered skin to ultraviolet radiation. Photodermatitis can have long-term and serious complications […]

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How to Remove Unwanted Hair from the Face and Body

Let’s face it, hair on the head is more than welcome, but anywhere else on the body is a definite no-no, especially when it comes to members of the fair sex. Hair on the face, arms, legs or even the back are considered unsightly and blemish the perfect look. The cause of excessive hair can […]

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What procedure can help sculpt cheeks and define my jawline?

The face is one of the most attractive areas on a person’s body. So everybody tries to focus their time, money and energy over their face. One procedure through which you can really improve your looks is by doing facial sculpts. When we talk about sculpting a face, it is to make an existing face […]

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Vascular Anomalies in Children

Vascular anomalies are malformations of the vessels that carry blood or lymph around the body and could result from improper development of these vessels. Vascular anomalies of the head and neck regions make up to 60% of the total vascular anomalies seen in children. Incidences show that one in every 22 children is affected by […]

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Skin Cleansing Routine for Dry-Skinned Beauties

Real natural beauty, without any makeup is the best kind of beauty; and having a healthy, radiant skin that speaks for itself is the best way to be naturally attractive. Speaking of which, Indian women are very well known for their beautiful skin – just think of Sushmita Sen, Anushka Sharma or Ashwariya Rai and […]

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