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Vascular Anomalies in Children

Vascular anomalies are malformations of the vessels that carry blood or lymph around the body and could result from improper development of these vessels. Vascular anomalies of the head and neck regions make up to 60% of the total vascular anomalies seen in children. Incidences show that one in every 22 children is affected by […]

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Skin Cleansing Routine for Dry-Skinned Beauties

Real natural beauty, without any makeup is the best kind of beauty; and having a healthy, radiant skin that speaks for itself is the best way to be naturally attractive. Speaking of which, Indian women are very well known for their beautiful skin – just think of Sushmita Sen, Anushka Sharma or Ashwariya Rai and […]

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Is there a noninvasive facial contouring procedure? Are those painful?

Nowadays, people are more worried about how their face looks. It is not just that they want to look younger but they wish to look better. The present generation is much focused on clicking selfies, Instagram, Facebook posts and getting more likes. Your facial contour is something which defines the way your face looks. Facial […]

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8 Natural & effective ways to prevent hair fall during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most natural thing for women. But however, people get so worried about the conditions associated with pregnancy like pigmentation and hair loss. Apart from various pre-existing medical conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) & thyroid problems, pregnancy also comes with a lot of hormonal changes. During pregnancy, problems like polycystic ovary and […]

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Factors that Aggravate Loss of Hair and How to Prevent them

Everyone glories in their crown of hair and its loss can be painful. Hair not only enhances a person’s appearance, but also their sense of self-esteem and confidence. However, hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a personal problem, but commonly encountered by millions of people. You don’t have to keep quiet about it either […]

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Do hair extensions damage your real hair?

Today people are very keen about being fashionable and they try to find ways to look better. Many of you may often use hair colours and hair extensions to make your hair look more attractive. Hair extensions are nothing but an artificial piece of hair that is attached to your existing hair very close to […]

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