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Managing Parapsoriasis and white spots

Parapsoriasis is a condition which is usually diagnosed after a skin biopsy. It is not easy to diagnose it clinically. There are different types of Parapsoriasis. In general, this group of skin diseases is usually characterized by scaly patches, elevated papules, rashes that have a resemblance to psoriasis. There are several other indications that make […]

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Can Creatine Monohydrate supplement lead to Acne?

A lot of people hit the gym for different goals. Some aim to get fit, and some aim to build muscle mass. Dietary supplements are commonly taken for various fitness benefits. Among these, creatine monohydrate is a nutrition supplement used by many fitness enthusiasts to gain muscle faster and increase workout performance. Although creatine is […]

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Managing Brown spots on the nose seen in men

Being in the sun can take a toll on the skin. Especially, that of your face. And even more so, your nose. The face is the most sun-exposed part of the human body. Your nose is the most projected part of the face. It gets hit by the sun when you are outside. Following are […]

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PRP therapy & its effectiveness

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is the buzz word of the season. It has been used with proven effects in ‘Vampire Facelifts’. PRP has also shown miraculous results in the management of hair loss. PRP non-surgically restores hair in both men and women, giving you a fuller head of hair. One of the most common […]

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How to treat white bump on eye corner at home?

Most often we tend to try some treatment at home before consulting a physician. White bumps around the eyes, are associated with small infections called as a stye. They are usually caused due to a bacterial infection that affects the hair follicle of the eyelash. The easy way to treat this is to do ‘hot […]

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Causes & Management of progressive 2-3 mm white spots on legs

Small white patches of depigmentation, which is usually about 1 to 2 mm in size, commonly seen on the legs, can also be seen on the arms and as well as on the stomach area. These are called as idiopathic acute hypomelanosis which is normal hypopigmentation or normal depigmentation which you do not have to […]

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