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Factors that Aggravate Loss of Hair and How to Prevent them

Everyone glories in their crown of hair and its loss can be painful. Hair not only enhances a person’s appearance, but also their sense of self-esteem and confidence. However, hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a personal problem, but commonly encountered by millions of people. You don’t have to keep quiet about it either […]

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Do hair extensions damage your real hair?

Today people are very keen about being fashionable and they try to find ways to look better. Many of you may often use hair colours and hair extensions to make your hair look more attractive. Hair extensions are nothing but an artificial piece of hair that is attached to your existing hair very close to […]

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Do Genetics determine length of hair? Ways to increase it

Among a lot of factors which influence the thickness and length of your hair, genetics is a major one. Other factors could be nutrition, exposure to pollution, stress level and lifestyle. All these factors could determine the length and health status of your hair. However, the length of a person’s hair is mostly determined by […]

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Bumps or Pimples near the nipple

In regular, healthy women and men, small bumps may appear on the surface of the skin around the nipple area (areola) and the nipple itself. These are called Tubercles of Montgomery or Montgomery’s glands. They are absolutely normal, and you have nothing to worry about.   Montgomery’s glands are sebaceous glands that secrete oily fluids […]

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Managing Parapsoriasis and white spots

Parapsoriasis is a condition which is usually diagnosed after a skin biopsy. It is not easy to diagnose it clinically. There are different types of Parapsoriasis. In general, this group of skin diseases is usually characterized by scaly patches, elevated papules, rashes that have a resemblance to psoriasis. There are several other indications that make […]

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Can Creatine Monohydrate supplement lead to Acne?

A lot of people hit the gym for different goals. Some aim to get fit, and some aim to build muscle mass. Dietary supplements are commonly taken for various fitness benefits. Among these, creatine monohydrate is a nutrition supplement used by many fitness enthusiasts to gain muscle faster and increase workout performance. Although creatine is […]

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