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Managing Pigmentation

Lost hope with all the skin whitening creams and face washes in the market? This one’s for you. The treatment of pigmentation is difficult especially for darker skinned toned people like in South India. For people with such skin tones, the use of sunscreen, mild face washes and kojic acid is advised to be continued. […]

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Managing Irregular Skin Patches

When you discontinue using prescribed creams for any skin issues, you may notice that the issue tends to return. This is because the skin gets addicted to a particular product and is not able to let go of the product. Many times you may see white patches occurring on the face due to a sun burn […]

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Is Kajal Harmful to the Eyes?

It is said that eyes are the mirror to a woman’s soul, and hence women prefer to enhance the look of their eyes by applying kohl or kajal. Applying Kajal gives a pop effect to the eyes making it more attractive and beautiful. Studies have proven that some types of Kajal available in the market […]

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How to Get Rid of Dark or Pigmented Lips?

Lips often are the center point of most men and women. Sometimes dark pigmentation of lips could be associated with smoking or tobacco use. So people with dark or pigmented lips encounter a lot of questions on those lines which is highly disheartening. The other major causes of dark pigmentation on the lips are: Recurrent […]

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What is diazolidinyl urea in herbal facewashes?

There is always a lot of speculation as to why herbal face washes are better than using the common chemical face washes available in market. Even the herbal products which are stored in bottles or tubes should stay sterile so that it doesn’t bring any bacterial infection to the skin. Inorder to achieve this, some […]

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Can I use hair oil after applying minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a very common medicine used for treatment of hair loss especially in men. One major drawback caused by Minoxidil is the dryness that develops on the scalp and the hair post application. Naturally, people will have a tendency to apply something to retain the moisture of hair and scalp. According to skin experts, […]

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