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Facial Peels

Facial Peels and their Benefits

With advancements in medical care, techniques for aesthetic improvements of the skin have also become more effective. Facial peels, also known as chemical peels employs the safe use of mild acidic solutions to exfoliate off the upper layers of dead cells on the skin’s surface, and expose the smoother young skin beneath. The treatment process […]

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Is Chemical Peel Safe?

Times are changing and looking young and fresh is becoming an important factor in the corporate world. Not just women, but men too are increasingly conscious of maintaining their looks and looking younger than their age. The skin plays a major role in affecting the way one looks. Maintaining an unblemished clear complexion isn’t always […]

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Chin Hair Removal

While hair on the chin is a thing of pride for men, in women it’s definitely an grotesque development. This annoying unwelcome hair can be downright embarrassing too. The presence of this coarse hair on the chin is usually caused by a number of medical conditions associated with hormonal abnormalities. When it is accompanied by […]

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Can Tattoos be removed?

Tattoos have a long and colorful history going back many centuries. Many tribes even had their own unique tattoo markings to differentiate themselves. In ancient Egypt, it was also the practice to tattoo a web onto the abdomen of pregnant women such that as the tummy grew, so did the web – it was believed […]

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Laser Hair Reduction

Removing body hair is an important issue with most urban women and they do everything possible to get that perfect silky smooth skin without any unsightly hair. This could mean hair on the face, arms, legs, underarms or the bikini line. The common practice for removing hair by most people is by shaving it, waxing […]

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Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

Throughout the ages, women have aspired to look more beautiful. A smooth glowing skin is one of the biggest give-aways of natural beauty, but alas, it’s not always possible. With the passage of time and the stresses of life, irregular work/sleep hours, sun damage, pollution and lack of proper hydration and poor diet eventually all […]

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