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Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles on the Hands & Neck

The hands and neck are the areas usually neglected by many, while taking care of the skin. Many use a lot of anti aging creams and sunscreen liberally on the face, but unfortunately, the neck and hands usually never get the same attention. In reality, it is actually the neck and the hands that reveal […]

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Natural Hair Dyeing Solutions

When graying begins, a lot of people are interested in the natural ways of coloring their hair. They get this done by using natural dyes such as henna, beetroots, pomegranates, coffee, and tea. Though natural and safe, the use of these can actually be cumbersome and time consuming. These days fortunately, a lot of natural […]

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Managing Painful red Suppurative Pimples in Early Teens

Though teenage is a wonderful time period in everyone’s lives, it is also a time when a lot of hormones are changing inside. This brings on acne, pimples and such. A severe case of pimples can end up as cystic acne, leading to permanent scars on the skin. Cystic acne can affect the chest and […]

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Managing Grainy Lesions on the Stomach

Grainy lesions are commonly seen on the stomachs of men and are actually fungal infections, though this fact is often overlooked. A lot of people call these lesions ‘ring worm’ infections and self medicate with locally available ring worm medication. This is however, a wrong approach as these medicines may contain chemicals like steroids which […]

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Managing Allergies from Hair Dyes

It is a common thing to experience adverse effects when people use hair dyes, especially the ones with PPD in them. Many are sensitive to this dye PPD, and experience itching swelling on the eyes, face and lips. In the event of such a thing happening, a doctor must be seen immediately. Doctors usually use […]

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Is it safe to bleach every month?

It is observed that a lot of young men and women these days have taken to bleaching their skin in order to make it brighter. The bleach is actually a chemical which de-pigments the hair on the skin. It does not really lighten the skin as such but manages to impart a lighter hue to […]

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