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Managing Allergies from Hair Dyes

It is a common thing to experience adverse effects when people use hair dyes, especially the ones with PPD in them. Many are sensitive to this dye PPD, and experience itching swelling on the eyes, face and lips. In the event of such a thing happening, a doctor must be seen immediately. Doctors usually use […]

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Is it safe to bleach every month?

It is observed that a lot of young men and women these days have taken to bleaching their skin in order to make it brighter. The bleach is actually a chemical which de-pigments the hair on the skin. It does not really lighten the skin as such but manages to impart a lighter hue to […]

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How to get rid of Moles on the Neck?

Multiple moles on the neck are usually skin tags. We call them Acrocordones – extra growths of the normal skin. It is commonly observed, as it can be inherited from parents. Obesity can also cause these to occur. Medicines do not work on them as they are technically, skin and not an infection. Some are […]

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Foot Care – Managing Dark Patches and Callus

Our feet, in general, are very much ignored. They do no usually get as much pampering as the rest of our bodies and wearing ill fitting footwear is one of the most common ways the feet are abused! Wearing footwear that is tight, or has very high heels can cause the skin to rub against […]

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How to treat rashes on the hands?

We have a lot of use of our hands. They get many things done for us. Besides, they contribute a lot to body language and hence, they are a very important. Our hands take a lot of abuse, in normal life. Most times, this abuse not even noticed! We’re actually drying the skin on our […]

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