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What is AN?(Acanthosis nigricans) AN is a skin condition associated with brown-black velvety discoloration along with thickening of the skin. It is most commonly seen on the back of the neck, underarms and groins. AN may also be seen on the face and back of the hands, knuckles and the feet. What causes AN? Increased […]

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adult acne

What is adult acne?

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Acne occurring or persisting beyond 25 years of age is called adult acne. It is more commonly seen in women. How does it differ from teenage acne? Adult acne tends to be present around the mouth and jawline. It can even involve the neck. The acne is usually is seated deeper, and lasts longer than […]

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double chin

Is your double chin causing embarrassment?

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It is the human body’s trait to store the excess food consumed, so as to use it later. The body does this by storing food in the form of glycogen in the muscles and fat, under the skin. As the deposit builds, the layers of fat become more prominent and visible. This chin is one […]

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graying of hair

Hair dye and graying of hair!

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Everyone’s hair eventually grays out. It is inevitable. Once the hair grays out, there is no going back. Many, do not like the fact that their hair is graying and seek measures to mask the phenomenon. Hair actually goes gray due to the absence of pigmentation and can occur even due to reasons such as […]

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stress ruining hair and skin

Effects of a hectic lifestyle on your hair!

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A hectic lifestyle takes a toll on one’s hair indeed. Hair does require care and attention for it to really ‘flourish’ and have that visual appeal to it, which everyone desires. The hair fiber is made up of a protein called keratin and this is the non living part of the hair. The root on […]

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Why pimples shouldn’t be ‘popped’

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Most patients with acne have a tendency to pick at it with their fingers, to squeeze it or even push it down. These activities are all done by many under the belief that their actions actually makes the acne healing process faster but however, the truth is far from it. Acne is an infection Acne […]

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