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Hair fall

Tackling post-menopausal hair fall

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All men go bald naturally and it is easily accepted as well, socially. That is a fact. However, it isn’t the case with women, unfortunately. Hair loss can be devastating to most women and one of the major bringers of hair loss in a woman’s life is menopause. Menopause brings on hair loss in women […]

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beautiful lips

How can you make your lips beautiful?

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The focal point to any person’s face is the lips. So, lip care is as important as skin care! Here are some insights on it. Caution: Never lick your lips! Make sure to use a lip balm often when you experience dry lips. Refrain from licking your lips as it can only bring in something […]

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Skin care tips for beach

Skin care tips for the beach holiday!

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The new year is here and many of us are looking forward to having that beach holiday in the coming summer. Though being at the beach can be a very enjoyable experience, it is most important to be taking care of one’s skin, while at it. The 2 reflective surfaces At the beach, there are […]

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anti- egeing

Anti-aging – Top 5 recommendations

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Dr.Dixit is quite often asked this question – ‘What would you recommend for anti-aging?’. Here is her list of top 5 anti-aging agents. Sunscreen Always wear it, whenever you step outside. It would be doing your skin a great favor. Even if it seems like a cloudy day, or even if it is a quick […]

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Hair fall

At what age does hair fall start?

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“I am only 20! I can’t be having hair loss”. I often hear this being said by many of my patients. Unfortunately, hair loss has not got to do with one’s age alone and hence, no one can predict exactly when hair fall would start. Actually, there are many factors that determine the onset of […]

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Stress causing hair greying

Can stress cause faster graying of hair?

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There is an interesting anecdote to be shared in this context, from the time of the French revolution. When Louis IV received news that he was to be executed at the guillotine the following day, it is said that his entire headful of hair went gray, overnight! Yes, stress does make one’s hair gray faster; […]

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