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facts about sweat

All about sweat!

Sweat is one of those body fluids that is quite often blamed for something that it is popularly believed to be the causative ingredient of – the much dreaded body odour! But the truth is, it isn’t the sweat which is the culprit here. It is the bacteria that is to be blamed as they […]

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Kybella injection

Double chin stealing your selfie glory?

Jab away your jowls! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the usage of Kybella, a drug aimed to melt away double chin fat on adults. The drug is the product of Kythera bio-pharmaceuticals and this approval allows the use of the drug on adults with moderate to large amounts of fat under the […]

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Jock Itch

Care for your skin!

It seems like, around the globe, not washing one’s jeans is a very popular thing to do! Many celebrities have been quite vocal on this practice of theirs over the decades; as to how they go about their lives wearing the same jeans over and over again, over periods of up to six months without […]

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Foods for healthy skin


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician It is probable that you have come across articles in the world wide web and in magazines outlining the relationship between diet and health. How controlling the salt in your diet helps in keeping your blood pressures at optimum levels, how […]

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skin peeling treatment

Benefits Of Skin Peeling

First impressions are often drawn from the looks. While an exact character map is impossible to extract based on how attractive someone is, having winsome facial features places you at a vantage point. In addition to boosting your self-confidence and helping you get into the good books of your peers and bosses, having a clear […]

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laser peel treatment bangalore

Fine lines – All gone!

The latest in the range of innovative skin regeneration program at Dr Dixit is the LASER peel. Known as a quick refresher treatment for those who want to keep the fine lines at bay, this LASER treatment helps to make fresher firmer skin within 10 days of treatment. New skin that looks fresh, with significantly […]

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