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Mesobotox Treatment

Meso Neuromodulator

Do you want your skin to look fresh but not plastic? Do you want wrinkle-free but not frozen? Mesoneuromodulator may be what you are looking for. Mesotherapy is the form of delivering medicines to the skin and underlying dermis through micro needles so that a small quantity of medicine is spread over a larger area, […]

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injection lipolysis bangalore

Injection Lipolysis/ Body Sculpting/ Inch loss treatments

Do you need to lose just a couple of inches to fit into your dream dress? Or do you still have that flab even after you stuck to your rigorous diet and exercise regimes? Injection Lipolysis may be the solution for you. What is Injection Lipolysis? Injection Lipolysis is a medical treatment where localised deposits […]

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underarm sweating solutions

Sweaty underarms

Ruined your new dress? Or embarrassed yourself in your office? Sweaty underarms are one of the most common problems encountered, but most people don’t know that simple solutions can help. Are sweaty underarms related to the weather? I seem to sweat even in an Air conditioned room. Unfortunately, the ambient weather has nothing to do […]

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Unwanted facial hair

Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

“It is so embarrassing to have this facial hair” a young girl who has newly joined college tells says,” everyone is looking at my upper lip, and I am so conscious”. Dermatologists, paediatricians and Gynecologists are noticing an increased number of young girls with complaints of visible facial hair. This could be due the changing […]

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