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Laser Hair Reduction


Laser Hair ReductionIn this modern world, people are very conscious about how they appear and do everything possible to stay attractive. Hair removal is also not too far behind. As such, Laser Hair reduction is one of the popular cosmetic treatments and one of the widely accepted and used methods today.

In this procedure, a laser light is used to target and destroy the hair root of the targeted area so as to prevent permanent hair reduction. Many lasers are available for hair reduction such as NdYAG laser, the Diode laser, the Alexandrite laser etc. The type of laser used depends on skin type. For example, the Alexandrite laser is better suited for fair skin and NdYAG and Diode laser are recommended for darker skin types.

In the first step of treatment, the doctor after analysing your skin type will suggest the type of laser for you. The next step is a Test Patch where the doctor will apply the laser on the area to be treated and try out different energy parameters. Usually, you will be asked to report back within 24-48 hours. Before the actual treatment starts, the area to be treated will be marked, shaved and a cool gel will be applied to the skin. The laser has an inbuilt chilling tip in it. It is then applied over the skin and the area to be treated is chilled. The laser energy is then delivered to the skin. After the treatment is completed, a soothing balm and sunscreen are applied.


Laser Hair reduction is usually painless but still if you are worried about pain, you dermatologist can prescribe anaesthetic creams for treatment of sensitive areas.
There may be some mild redness and irritation of the skin. This usually diminishes in a few hours to a couple of days.
Usually, 6-8 sessions are required to notice a significant reduction in hair.

For detailed information, please talk to Dr. Rasya .

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