The Two Kinds of Hair Loss

When we talk of hair loss in men and especially, young men, we are talking about two different kinds of it.

The first one is the condition called alopecia erratum where men lose hair as patches and shiny coin sized bald patches appear on the scalp. This is an autoimmune condition and it has to be treated by a dermatologist. Though this condition is reversible and almost always grows the hair back completely, one might need treatment to find out why the condition actually occurred in the first place and one might need blood tests and treatment for the same.

The second kind of hair loss is the male pattern hair loss and this is where Minoxidil has its application. Minoxidil use is to be considered when a man has hair loss running in his family and he himself has already begun to develop the early signs of it (bald patches becoming visible).

Meet your Dermatologist, first. Why?

Minoxidil is a medicine and not just an ‘oil’ that one can prescribe on their own and so, it is best that a dermatologist is consulted first. Also, Minoxidil is a medicine that has to be used on a long-term basis and hence, no one but a dermatologist can determine properly whether there is a need for starting the Minoxidil at all.

Minoxidil treatment cannot be stopped in six months or a year or two but has to be continued safely for years together. A dermatologist can explain the reasons as to why this has to be continued long term. Also, by visiting a dermatologist, it can be found out if there are other treatments/solutions available to manage the hair loss without having to use any long term medicines.

Have you Been Prescribed Minoxidil Already?

If a dermatologist has already prescribed you to use Minoxidil, then yes, you can go ahead and use it without worry. It is very helpful in maintaining the amount of hair one currently has. Even in the situation where one does not see any real improvement after its use, it will definitely not make the hair loss go worse.

If you would like to know more about Minoxidil or other hair loss management solutions, please feel free to drop us a message.

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