Everyone dreams to have clear and glowing skin without pigmentation and blemishes. Often a lot of people like to use home remedies for such issues however they will be skeptical whether these home remedies are safe. When it comes to treating pigmentation and tan, most of the people prefer home remedies like lemon juice. Apparently, the citric acid contained in lemon juice may have a burning effect on people with sensitive skin. This may make the pigmentation much worse than before. So it advised that instead of using lemon juice for pigmentation, it is better to speak to a dermatologist who can give you proven medicines which are safe and trustworthy.  

Similarly, you must be careful while using other home remedies like garlic, onion juice, tooth paste on the face. It is a myth that we believe such home remedies do not possess any side effects. All of them are acid based and they can actually end up damaging your skin & worsen your pigmentation. One has to find out what is the right treatment for the particular skin type. Consult a dermatologist who can suggest you the proper skin regimen and prescribe suitable products to use that are medically tested and proven to be effective with the right pH level for your skin type.

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