Stress causing hair greying

There is an interesting anecdote to be shared in this context, from the time of the French revolution. When Louis IV received news that he was to be executed at the guillotine the following day, it is said that his entire headful of hair went gray, overnight! Yes, stress does make one’s hair gray faster; any kind of stress for that matter – even oxidative stresses.

There are many activities that are generally not perceived as stressful. These include working night shifts, smoking, excess junk food consumption, the absence of adequate nutrition etc, which are all excellent examples of such. Also, emotional episodes like a bereavement, a break up of relationships etc all bring in stress, as far as the body is concerned. So how does one combat this stress? How does one make sure that this doesn’t accelerate the graying of one’s hair?

What is to be done?

Primarily, one must kick the stress bringing habits like smoking and excess junk food consumption. These activities make the body use up all the vitamins and anti-oxidants and the body would have nothing left to manage the hair! Make sure that you consume enough healthy food and also get the right amount of exercise. Activities like de-stressing, detoxing and meditation also help slow down the graying of hair or help with its prevention.

Stay younger, happier and dark haired!

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