Tattoos have a long and colorful history going back many centuries. Many tribes even had their own unique tattoo markings to differentiate themselves. In ancient Egypt, it was also the practice to tattoo a web onto the abdomen of pregnant women such that as the tummy grew, so did the web – it was believed that the web protected the unborn child.

In the modern world, tattooing can be termed as a body modification where a design of the person’s choice is inked onto their body. It is used to make a statement and is done by inserting dyes, pigments and ink that are either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin, thereby changing its coloration. While it is a craze for many, some regret their decision and are unhappy about their tattoos.

There is good news here as evolving technologies has meant there are ways to remove these unwanted tattoos with minimal side-effects. There are many self-proclaiming products and DIY methods available online too, but a word of caution – you might end-up causing even more damage to your skin than an unwanted tattoo. Tattoo parlors also offer tattoo removal facilities, but its best done by professionals.

It’s better to consult a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for safer removal of tattoos. The doctor will advise you on the best method depending on the size of your tattoo, its location, the color of the dyes used and your natural skin color. Some of the removal methods available with your dermatologist include laser removal, surgical removal, dermabrasion, etc.

Laser treatment is the best with highest success rates and minimal side-effects. Laser tattoo removal works by sending pulses of high-intensity light beams through the top layers of your skin to breakdown the tattoo’s pigment structure. It will take a few days before the body gets rid of the pigment from under your skin. The method works best for black and blue colored tattoos. The number of laser sessions required will depend upon the age, size and color of the tattoo. After each sitting, the tattoo will become progressively lighter.

Surgical removal of tattoos is ok for small tattoos, but for larger ones, it isn’t practical as it would require skin grafts. Dermabrasion is another cheaper but less effective method where a rotary tool with a sanding head wears down the skin, allowing the dye to leach out.

Of these, laser therapy is the most effective, and for those in Bangalore, look no further than the Dr Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic where this treatment is easily available.

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