Premature greying of hair

It is indeed a case of worry for many these days – the premature graying of hair. A lot of youngsters face it in the present times. Dr. Dixit has actually been seeing patients as young as 7 years old who are affected by it!

What causes it?


One of the most common causes for the premature graying of hair is one’s genetics. If one’s grandparents or parents experienced premature graying, it is quite possible that one would be affected by it as well, that too at a much earlier age than the previous generation. Graying caused by genetics cannot be helped with.


Deficiencies in the diet can also cause graying. A deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the diet could cause it and hence, if you are a vegetarian, do ensure that you are ingesting enough of it via you diet or as supplements. Milk and foods rich in Calcium help with it.

The Thyroid gland

Another aspect that could potentially cause premature graying is a hypoactive thyroid gland. This can also run in the family and if so, the thyroid gland’s activity levels must be checked.

Other Stressful habits

Activities like smoking and working night shifts also contribute to premature graying, as they are stressful activities, as far as the human body is concerned. While one would find it practically hard to change one’s shift timings, one can certainly refrain from smoking.

There are a lot of Vitamin supplements available in the market that contain PABA. PABA is known to help prevent the further graying of hair. Get in touch with your dermatologist today, for the best guidance.

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