Cystic acne

Some people develop a very severe form of acne called the Cystic acne. This is not the usual, well-known form of acne which results in small blackheads or whiteheads, but rather one which ends up causing large nodules or pustules or cysts and these can take a much longer while to heal than the regular acne.

While the regular acne heals completely in about 2-3 days, cystic acne can easily take up to a week or a fortnight and that too sometimes, only with the aid of medical intervention.

Quick help needed!

Patients of Cystic acne tend to get more scars than the usual acne’s and hence require the attention of a doctor/dermatologist as soon as it is possible. Time is a critical factor here, for as the number of cystic acne increases, the more the scarring takes place, increasing the chances of a structural deformity from resulting to the skin. If scarring were to happen from it, there is no way to backtrack on it, but to go in for a treatment such as a laser therapy to fix the scars.

Dr Dixit’s advice

Dr Dixit believes in the concept of prevention always being better than the cure and advises one to get in touch with a dermatologist as soon as the first signs of cystic acne are noticed. Help must be also sought immediately if one notices recurring cysts with each cycle of one’s menstrual period.

Lifestyle changes go a long way in preventing these episodes of acne. If you’d like to know more regarding acne or its treatment, you are most welcome to get in touch with us.

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