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Dermaroller treatments for Hair loss


dermaroller hair loss treatmentThe Dermaroller is an innovative, relatively painless and inexpensive treatment method with many applications in skin and hair care. This device which has a rolling head with multiple fine needles, mounted on a rotating drum moves freely on the skin making micro channels in the skin.

How does Dermaroller work in Hair loss treatment?

The Dermaroller is a microneedle device that has a rolling head with multiple fine needles, mounted on a rotating drum moves freely on the skin making micro channels in the skin. This increases the blood flow to the scalp, bringing fresh nutrition to the hair roots, and flushes away the toxins. Also any medications that are applied immediately after the roller are able to penetrate easily into the roots of the hair and are more effective that with regular application.

How is the treatment done?

First the scalp is cleaned with an alcohol swab, and then the dermaroller is gently applied to the area of poor hair growth. The roller is firmly pressed and rolled in to and fro motions over the area till the skin turns mildly red. All the areas are treated similarly. The whole treatment lasts between ten to fifteen minutes. Then the medicines which need to be delivered to the hair roots such as Platelet rich plasma, Stem cell solution or Vitamins are applied over the treated area. The dermaroller is rolled again to achieve good and uniform penetration of the medicine.

Is the treatment painful?

The hair loss treatment with dermaroller uses a roller with needles measuring around 0.5 mm. This makes the treatment uncomfortable, but not unbearable. The treatment is often likened to a sharp comb running through the hair.
Some dermatologists also prefer to use the dermastamp, this device is far less painful that the Dermaroller and uses microneedles mounted on a spring like device which runs on electricity. This treatment allows uniform penetration as well as quicker treatments.

How often should I get these treatments done?

Dermaroller treatments are recommended at weekly to fortnightly intervals, however, consult your dermatologist for a customised treatment plan.

Can I use my other home treatments when I am undergoing Dermaroller treatments?

Yes, in fact, it is essential to continue the recommended home care for your hair. The dermaroller treatments enhance the absorption of the medicines that you may be using, making the hair grow faster and healthier.

What other treatments can help me with my hairloss?

Dermaroller can be combined with other treatments such as Platelet rich Plasma therapy, Stem cell therapy, Enrich – Hair therapy and low level laser therapy to enhance your hair density and regrowth. Consult Dr. Rasya Dixit today for personalised recommendations.

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