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Dermaroller treatments for Hair loss


dermaroller hair loss treatmentThe Dermaroller is one of the most advanced and widely accepted methods of treatment for hair loss. It is a relatively painless and less expensive method of treatment.

Dermaroller treatment works through a device which has a rolling head with multiple fine needles mounted on a rotating drum. The free movement of the drum on the skin makes micro channels in the skin. This activity enhances blood circulation to the scalp, transporting fresh nutrients to the hair roots and removes toxins. Any medicine or hair care products intended for hair treatment applied after Dermaroller treatment will penetrate easily to the hair roots more effectively than in a normal situation and is expected to yield much better results.

Before Dermaroller is applied, the scalp is cleaned with an alcohol swab. Then the Dermaroller is rolled into all the areas till the skin turns mildly red. After this, other medicines like Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cell solution or Vitamins are applied. Finally, the Dermaroller is rolled again to give a balanced flow of medicine to all the areas. This process will take around ten to fifteen minutes.


The treatment with Dermaroller is performed using a roller with needles measuring around 0.5 mm. Though, this makes the treatment uncomfortable but not unbearable.
Usually, Dermaroller treatments are recommended on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Along with Dermaroller treatment, it is important to simultaneously undergo other hair treatments recommended for you. Do talk to Dr. Rasya for detailed information.
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