Eating chocolate causes acne

We’ve been approached by a lot of adults these days, regarding their personal cases of acne. Our inference on this is that the reason for their acne is primarily their very lifestyles. It has been noticed that in the present time, a lot many youngsters and adults smoke excessively and consume large amounts of ice creams and chocolate and other junk food. Many often wonder how these factors can affect their acne as they are past their teens. Here is how.

Smoking – An Oxidative Process

Smoking and the consumption of junk food are in essence the same – they are oxidative processes which are actually stressful for the skin. This stress on the skin causes it to develop acne. It is most important thereby, to live smoke-free.

One’s sugar levels also play a part in the prevention of acne. It should be the norm to ensure the presence of foods in the diet that normalize the glucose levels, (fruits, vegetables) rather than have foods that push up the glucose levels. Foods like ice creams, alcohol, aerated drinks and chocolates are notorious for this as they are loaded with sugar. Their consumption causes the body’s sugar levels to shoot up which results in the increased release of insulin which leads to oily skin which in turn triggers acne.

Exercise and Compensate !

Besides having a low sugar diet, one needs to exercise as well as this compensates those occasional episodes of one’s ‘indulgence’. Dairy products are a strict no-no! Cheese, milk, paneer etc must be kept away from! A dairy free diet aids the acne recovery process. The acne prone could substitute dairy foods with foods like soy milk, tofu etc.

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