Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that often affects the scalp. Unlike dandruff that is temporary, Psoriasis is a chronic, long-lasting disease. If it is mild, scalp psoriasis looks like a scaly, powdery patch and it won’t be painful. However, in some cases, it can be very severe and the skin maybe covered in red, scaly patches that are painful. From being painful to landing a person in embarrasing situations, scalp psoriasis tends to be extremely problematic. It is ideal for a person with scalp psoriasis to be very careful when signing up for hair treatments.

So, that brings us to a very basic question. Can a person with scalp psoriasis go in for coloring their hair? Is it safe? We give you some basic tips.

Hair color is a chemical and it could irrate your scalp. And it narrows down the options for people affected with psoriasis.
Make sure that you are choosing a PPD free hair color. PPD is the chemical which causes irritation to the scalp.

There are a lot of organic hair colors which are PPD free, read the fine print and opt for one that is PPD free. Do test for allergies before you apply it on your head.

Make sure your psoriasis of the scalp is treated well. There are many foam based as well as topical steroid lotions which you can apply and calm down your scalp for 3-4 days before the hair dye application which will again prevent any exacerbation of psoriasis when you are doing the treatment itself.
The third thing is post hair color make sure that your treatment of psoriasis continue aggressively for at least 3-4 days so that there is no exacerbation of psoriasis.
These small tips will make sure that your psoriasis as well as your hair color stay good.

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