stress ruining hair and skin

A hectic lifestyle takes a toll on one’s hair indeed. Hair does require care and attention for it to really ‘flourish’ and have that visual appeal to it, which everyone desires. The hair fiber is made up of a protein called keratin and this is the non living part of the hair. The root on the other hand is where the life of the hair is at and it is here where new cells are formed which further push the hair strand up resulting in hair growth.

Diet and Dust

A hectic lifestyle almost always involves a poor diet which deprives the body of nutrients. This leads to unhealthy hair roots which results in dull looking hair. If the diet isn’t balanced, it could even lead to hair loss or thinning of hair. The drawbacks of a hectic lifestyle is not entirely just about food alone. If hair is not washed well and dried right, it leads to hair fibers weakening. Wearing helmets over hair that is still wet leads to fungal infection and other troubles. The dust that gets into the hair as part of the daily commute is also very harmful to the hair and its texture. This one is severe in big cities.

How to care

Both the living and the non-living parts of hair need to be taken care of. Both the root and the hair fiber need nourishment. One needs to eat right so that the hair roots are at their best and also take care of the non-living part of the hair by saving it from mechanical damage, dehydration, heat stresses etc. Wet hair must be properly dried always and meals must never be skipped too.

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