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The Hair Root Treatment


hair loss laser treatmentThere are multiple reasons associated with hair loss both in men and women. A common reason for hair loss is reduced nutrition and blood flow to the scalp and hair roots. One of the most popular among modern methods of hair loss treatment is Enrich, a special combination of vitamins and growth factors that are essential to make your hair and scalp stronger and bring it back to normal.

Enrich is recommended for those who suffer from sudden or severe hair loss, patchy baldness on your scalp, post pregnancy hair loss and hair thinning over the scalp.

The treatment involves few simple steps. After evaluation of your scalp, the dermatologist will prescribe the appropriate solution customized for you. The solution is then injected to your scalp through micro injections or the dermaroller.

There are no side effects involved in this treatment and neither any outpatient treatment is required. It is also painless, non-surgical, less expensive and free from any other complications. The patient can leave the clinic within a few hours and resume work as well.


Initially, you need to treat it every week till the hair fall stops. Then the treatment can be continued on a fortnightly basis till the desired results are seen.
Usually, you need two to four sessions for the hair fall to stop and then six to eight sessions to see the desired results.

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