Multiple moles on the neck are usually skin tags. We call them Acrocordones – extra growths of the normal skin. It is commonly observed, as it can be inherited from parents. Obesity can also cause these to occur.

Medicines do not work on them as they are technically, skin and not an infection. Some are known to recommend the use of acid based creams, but the truth is that, they end up burning the skin around the mole and cause darkening, and hence are not recommended.

What is to be done?

We recommend Electrolysis or Electrocautery treatment for the removal of moles. Anesthetic cream is applied on the skin and the base of each mole is cut off. The process takes only up to about 45 minutes and leaves the skin clean, without any scarring or pigmentation.

But before you go ahead with this, make sure that you visit your dermatologist first, to make this decision for you. Drop us a comment if you would like to know more.

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