Combination skin is the most common skin type seen around the world. One is said to have such a skin-type when the face has both dry and oily areas. Usually, areas such as the T- zone (nose and forehead) are oily while the cheeks stay dry.

It is quite difficult to be making a choice of a skincare product in this scenario as the same product cannot be used for the entire face. You can choose to tackle the oily areas or the dry areas of the skin, depending on which bothers you more. You can also use both kinds (skin moisturizing and dehydrating) of skin care products, at different times of the day depending on the skin’s situation. A fair judgment here is important.

Do remember that the combination skin type is prone to going sensitive. Make sure that you avoid products with harsh chemicals in them. Use hypoallergenic products, as they do not bother the skin too much.

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