All of us have only one skin and we all are also blessed with some amount of hair. Obviously, it has to last for lifetime and hence proper care and maintenance is highly imperative. Non-healthy treatment of hair especially abusing the hair by using hair dryer frequently can cause physical damage to the hair shaft. This means increased dryness of the hair and hair shaft breakage. On the other hand, if you want to use a hair dryer, what dermatologists usually suggest is to use it occasionally, maybe once a week. Also, it is better to keep it at the lowest setting available to give you the improvement in hair length or structure. You can also try to avoid high heat procedures like straightening or blow drying on a daily basis. Blast dry to dry out 50-60% of the hair is another option where the device is kept very far away from the hair shaft. However, if you are going to do it on a regular basis, you might experience some wear and tear of the hair structure.

Now, the question is that how can you avoid it? Try to use heat protectant serums which can be applied into the hair before you start doing the procedure itself. Do not ever iron wet hair or if you are using hair dryer also on a frequent basis, try to invest in some deep conditioning treatment or hair spas to prevent hair breakage because of hair drying. Other thing is to consume more Omega-3 fatty acid, Biotin and Zinc based mineral supplement which will strengthen the hair from within. And always try to reduce the physical damage as much as possible

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