graying of hair

Everyone’s hair eventually grays out. It is inevitable. Once the hair grays out, there is no going back. Many, do not like the fact that their hair is graying and seek measures to mask the phenomenon. Hair actually goes gray due to the absence of pigmentation and can occur even due to reasons such as age, poor diet, stress etc.

What causes premature greying?

One of the most common causes is Hereditary. If one of your parents went grey early, chances are you will go grey early too. Vit B12 deficiency and thyroid disorders also can accelerate greying of hair, so do get them looked at. Pollution and stress also add to the premature greying phenomenon.

Cosmetic camouflage of grey hair

The universal remedy to this is to dye one’s hair. There are natural dyes as well as synthetic dyes available in the market. Not all synthetic dyes are perfectly safe as some could potentially cause cancers and other skin problems. It would be best to get in touch with your dermatologist regarding this. Also, most chemical dyes need to be kept away from the skin as well to avoid adverse effects such as pigmentation.

There are natural hair colours which are available. However these organic hair colours take longer to work to cover grey. Repeated applications may be necessary to help cover greys.

Multiple Sessions
As hair grows at a rate of about an inch a month, it is important to touch up the hair, once every 4 weeks or so, post dyeing. Some dyes require careful maintenance for long lasting results. The chlorine in water affects the life of the dye applied. One can also go for hair highlights and lowlights which would prevent one’s hair from looking monochromatic.

If you would like to know more about solutions to gray hair or hair dyeing, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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