One of the common causes of hair loss is hair breakage itself. Now, how do you identify whether your hair loss is due to hair breakage or is it a loss from the root. If you observe the tips of the hair in a hair loss from the scalp, you will often be able to see a small bulge which is there at one of the tips of the hair and this indicates that it has been shed from the root. On the other hand, in a breakage, you will not see that and in fact if you observe your hair, you can see that different lengths of hair are being lost from the scalp.

The most common causes of hair breakage are the amount of physical and chemical damage that is being done to the hair and also there is some amount of nutritional component as well. Let us see, what is the physical damage that we are doing to the hair. It could be that we are using hair dryers or hair straighteners more often or else we are using brushes or combing it very roughly or the third reason could be that we are braiding it or putting it in very tight pony tails leading to hair breakage.

The second reason is the chemical damage which is more and more common now. People are using hair straighteners, hair straightening treatments, bleaching treatments and colouring treatments. All these treatments cause some amount of structural alteration to the hair and because of it the hair shaft becomes weaker. With multiple treatments, the amount of hair breakage increases.

The third point is the nutritional cause, which is mostly because of vitamin deficiency of either iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, Biotin, Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids. Above all, now people consume more fad diets like the vegan diet, the paleo diet, the keto diet etc. All these things compromise on the quality of vitamins which are been given to the hair. This itself could cause a breakage of the hair. So, if you are having lot of hair breakage, please speak to a dermatologist. They will help you to identify what is the problem and treat you in an appropriate way.

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