In today’s world, grooming has become important for men, as much as it is for women. They are equally worried too, about the hair on their bodies; about retaining their hair on the scalp and also about removing unwanted hair permanently. Currently, there is a spiked interest among men to know more about the methods that are available for the latter.

Laser Hair Reduction For Men

Many men like to wear a tattoo or flaunt their muscles, but their body hair gets in the way of this. Body hair can be embarrassing even while wearing something as simple as a shirt that reveals the lower neck. The mode of hair removal we would recommend the most is the Laser hair removal method. This can take care of the excessive hair on areas like the cheeks, neck, upper chest, fingers, toes etc. Laser therapy can reduce the hair thickness and density by about 85-90% in the affected areas.

Laser Types

There are many kinds of Laser therapies available today. The most efficient ones are the Diode based Laser and NDI Laser. The Diode based laser’s advantage is that it is very painless and hence the entire chest-back area can be treated in about 30-60 minutes.
Laser reduction is only a method to permanently reduce the hair and if one is looking for complete hair removal, multiple sessions are needed. In males, the hair growth is under the stimulation of the hormone testosterone and hence about 6 sessions would be needed in a period of 12-18 months for complete hair removal.

Are you planning on getting a Tattoo?

Always perform laser hair reduction prior to getting your tattoo as it cannot be performed after tattooing, as the laser would heat up the ink in the skin excessively.

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