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PRP Therapy for Hair Loss


hair loss laser treatmentGood hair is the symbol of youth and people invest lot of time in researching about the prospects of maintaining a good and healthy hair. But today, both men and women suffer from hair loss due to a variety of reasons like diet habits, changing lifestyle, work-life pressure etc.

The latest in hair therapy is PRP – PRP contains a rich suspension of active platelets and these platelets are the storage of multiple growth factors which induces hair growth and also increase the blood circulation to the scalp. PRP is delivered to the scalp through procedures like Microneedling and Dermaroller which also encourages blood flow to the scalp.

The treatment is done with the help of platelets extracted from a sample of your own blood. The platelets are than activated and transported to the scalp using a combination of microinjections and microneedling (dermaroller).


Usually, three to six sessions of PRP are scheduled with an interval of one month in between. The schedule can also be customized based on individual needs.
The results can be seen after three months of starting the treatment. However, further maintenance treatment is required till desired results are found.
The most important benefit of PRP is that it is free from allergies as it uses your own blood.
Although PRP is very effective, it may not be the right option for people with advanced hair loss.

Consult Dr. Rasya for expert advice.

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