These days, many a number of children and young women visit us, seeking remedies, for ‘home remedies’ that didn’t go very well with them. Many discover these ‘home remedies’ off Google while on their search to find a means to tackle their acne.

Many of these online remedies advocate the use of toothpaste(the most well known of all), garlic, cloves etc for acne management. There are also many such remedies that one comes to know from their family and friends, which are to be equally avoided. Remember that most of these are skin irritants and they end up cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – dark brown patches.

If you have acne, please do not put anything on it that has not been recommended by a doctor. Following this simple rule alone should keep your skin safe. Acne usually disappears in 4-6 days, but if you were to squeeze it or apply something on it and pigmentation sets in, you’re only making things worse for you, as pigmentation takes even longer to disappear (6-8 weeks, even with the best medication).

In the event that pigmentation has set in already, it is best to be using a broad spectrum sunscreen regularly along with a skin lightening agent which contains Kogic acid in small quantities. It is important that the product has only a very small amount of Kogic acid, as basically, it peels layers of skin (how it lightens) and so, too much of it can cause more damage than good.

If the skin does not get better even after 2-3 weeks use of a Kogic acid based product, it is time to seek the help of a dermatologist. If the skin has scarred by then, a chemical peel or laser treatment may be recommended.

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