beautiful lips

The focal point to any person’s face is the lips. So, lip care is as important as skin care! Here are some insights on it.

Caution: Never lick your lips!

Make sure to use a lip balm often when you experience dry lips. Refrain from licking your lips as it can only bring in something unwanted. Besides causing excessive dehydration of the lips, the licking actually ends up making the lips darker as the saliva actually digests the lip!

These days, many lip balms come along with sunscreen in them and that certainly makes them even more worthy to be investing in, especially if you happen to encounter a lot of sun in your line of work. A lip balm will be the best bet at avoiding hyper- pigmentation of the lips.

No smoking

Besides its other well-known dangers and its derogatory nature towards the skin, smoking attacks one’s lips as well. The nicotine present in the smoke stains the lips and teeth – certainly not the best way to taking care of your lips! The best way around this will be to quit the habit.


If you still decide to hang on to smoking, you might as well drink all the water you can as damage control. It is the best way to rehydrate the skin. You can also opt for a chemical peel on the lips, such as a mild glycolic acid based chemical peel or even a laser treatment, to lighten the lips. However, if you experience any de-pigmentation on the lips, meet your dermatologist immediately.

Please do get in touch with us if you’d like to know more on lip care.

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