This is one of the most common questions I get asked by my patients. Some want to know if it is alright to wash their face every 30 minutes, because of rapidly increasing oil levels. Some want to know if they can repeat washing their faces throughout the day, just to keep looking fresh.

At our clinic, we always recommend washing the face for about 2 or 3 times a day, at the maximum. But why do we say so? It is because irrespective of the soap or face wash you use, each time you wash your face, you are stripping away the normal oil barrier the skin forms, each day to protect itself. For example, there is a layer of sebum that the skin has, containing ceramides, which protects the skin. Each time you wash it, this layer is lost, making the skin more prone to breakouts and infections.

Many notice their faces getting oily and wash it right away. This actually worsens the problem of having oily skin, as the body tries to compensate, each time the oils layer is lost, causing excessive oiliness.
Ideally, one needs to wash the face, only on waking up and also when going to bed. The ones making daily commutes through a lot of pollution may wash a third time as well. Use weak soaps to wash the face and also remember to re-hydrate the skin afterwards using a water containing hyaluronic acid gel. This prevents the skin from becoming sensitive and also prevents rashes.

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