Chlorogenic acid creams are the latest fad to hit the fashion scene. Chlorogenic acid / green coffee bean extract is widely used as an active ingredient in anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, skin-tightening or skin glowing creams. Products derived from green coffee bean extracts gained popularity for its properties like increasing the basal metabolic rate resulting in weight loss. Since this ingredient has been introduced in the beauty segment, it is important to confirm its quality and worth.

On medical grounds, it is not yet confirmed whether Chlorogenic acid creams will effectively penetrate through the skin barrier and are efficient in delivering anti-oxidants or anti ageing properties to the skin. Dermatologists recommend that you spend money on Vit C or Vit A creams which are known to penetrate through the skin barrier and show visible results within 6-8 weeks of application. Hence, before you decide to purchase a face cream it is advised you consult a dermatologist who can give suitable product suggestions.

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