Oily skin type is something which most young people don’t desire to have. It makes them look as if they are not fresh or didn’t wash their face before they stepped out. Everyone desires to have a normal skin free of blemishes and acne. People having normal skin doesn’t require too many skin care products. However it is very difficult to fully change oily skin type to normal skin type.

What you can do

– Make sure to use a Salicylic acid base, pH balanced face wash twice a day

– Make use of a water based moisturizer. If you don’t apply moisturizer the skin compensates by secreting more oil

– Exercise regularly, eat lot of fresh fruits & vegetables which cleans the skin naturally and reduces the oil secretion

– Avoid junk food so that your oily skin doesn’t become more oily

Treatments such as salicylic acid chemical peels and oral retinoids help to reduce the oiliness of the skin. If you opt to have home care for oily skin, apply multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth/Fuller’s Clay) on the face once a week and scrub it off.

Surprisingly, dermatologists say that oily skin is good because it doesn’t age faster. People having normal or dry skin develop wrinkles fast and looks more aged.

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