Dark armpits are a social embarrassment for both men and women. The common suspects of this condition are use of chemicals to remove hair, harsh deodorants or even obesity. Increased body weight can increase the thickness of the skin and cause a condition called ‘acanthosis nigricans’ which leads to darkening of under arms.

You can try some of the following tips to prevent darkening of under arm skin:

– Use a mild, skin friendly deodorant on your clothes and not immediately on the skin.

– Do waxing or laser hair removal to reduce damage of under arms

– If you are obese, cut down on eating junk food and start exercising

As a natural treatment to reduce darkening of under arms, prepare a mixture of curd and besan (chick pea flour), apply and scrub off on the area. Make sure that you don’t apply any acidic substances like lemon juice on the under arm as it may have a harsh effect on the sensitive skin.

If the condition persists, consult a good dermatologist who may prescribe glycolic acid based creams or chemical peels and laser treatment to reduce the darkness. This will help you to be more confident about wearing sleeveless clothes.

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