An open pore is nothing but an enlarged oil gland opening on the skin. In the young, or let us say, teenagers, these pores are in their developing stages and in the old, there isn’t enough collagen to keep these pores closed hence there pores stay open.

Open pores usually become more prominent after a spell of sun exposure. Smoking also worsens it. Having open pores would mean that the skin does not look young to the eyes; it appears rough and aged, which makes a lot of people feel bothered by them.

What is to be done?
If you already have open pores, it is best to use sunscreen when you step out. This prevents the further collagen denaturation.Use a good salicylic acid based face wash which is gentle enough. It also cleanses out the pores effectively.

Does scrubbing help?
No, it doesn’t really, though it seems like a popular solution to the problem. An open pore is something like a structural deformity on the skin and it runs down through it and hence, scrubbing does not really help. It helps, however, for the skin to have a smoother look, thanks to the edema caused by the scrubbing.

Recommended Treatments for Pores
Retinol based creams help collagen tighten up significantly and close the pores. Other recommended means of tightening up are Laser therapy and Dermaroller treatment. These two methods tighten the skin by resurfacing it and significantly improve the skin’s quality.

When to seek help?
For best results, it is best to seek help at the earliest – right when you first notice open pores so that you can get started off with the preventive measures like sunscreens and more.

A Quick fix!
What do you do when you have a party to go to, all of a sudden, and you notice open pores? You cannot just run to the dermatologist then, can you? Just rub an ice cube over your face for a while and this should close the open pores, temporarily!

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