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Do you need to lose just a couple of inches to fit into your dream dress? Or do you still have that flab even after you stuck to your rigorous diet and exercise regimes? Injection Lipolysis may be the solution for you.

What is Injection Lipolysis?

Injection Lipolysis is a medical treatment where localised deposits of fat (for example over the abdomen, back, outer thighs or double chin) are treated with a solution of actives which help in dissolving and excreting the fat in that area. This is a simple procedure, with no need of any surgery or anaesthesia.

Can I lose weight with injection lipolysis?
The therapy is not intended as a means of weight reduction but is a way of getting rid of unwanted localised deposits of fat, e.g. double chin, fat on the thighs, belly and upper arms.

Which regions of the body are especially suited for injection lipolysis?
Injection lipolysis is best suited for areas of soft fat on the belly, the face, the inside of the thighs, the back and hips. Injection lipolysis therapy also achieves good results on cellulite.

What are the benefits of injection lipolysis?
Injection lipolysis achieves a permanent reduction in fat deposits, especially in those places that cannot be specifically targeted by dieting or sport. The treatment is gentle, virtually pain-free, low in risk, and does not take long.

Is Liposuction better for me?
Liposuction is a surgical method to remove fat. But with the aid of injection lipolysis, it has now become possible to eliminate small deposits of fat with minimum intervention. The main difference is that injection lipolysis is a non-operative method of treatment, whereas liposuction involves a surgical procedure. With liposuction, the fat disappears almost immediately and large areas of fat are usually better treated with it. Injection lipolysis allows a slower change to the body contour, allowing the patients also to gradually get used to their change in appearance over a period of several months. Injection lipolysis is also an ideal method of treatment following liposuction in order to remove any remaining fatty tissue and also tauten the surrounding skin.

Your dermatologist would be best suited to recommend the better option during a personal consultation.

How many treatments are necessary?
As a rule, 2-4 treatments at intervals of 8 weeks are recommended. To find out more, speak to your dermatologist today.

Is injection lipolysis treatment painful?
The injections are not painful. Patients only feel a slight initial prick and, for the first 2 hours, a slight sensation of itching and burning. Most people even go back to work on the same day.

What risks does injection lipolysis involve?
Immediately after treatment, slight swelling as well as reddening and/or itching may occur and can continue for up to 2 to 4 days. Massage, sauna visits and sport should be avoided for about 3 days. In rare cases, some hardening may occur (deep haematomas, bruises), but these disappear by themselves after 2-6 weeks.

For which people is injection lipolysis treatment not suitable?
Injection lipolysis treatment is not suitable for, and may not be carried out on, adolescents and children, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers, and on patients with some rare, severe diseases. Our dermatologist will be glad to inform you in detail whether the therapy is suitable for you during a personal consultation.

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