Being in the sun can take a toll on the skin. Especially, that of your face. And even more so, your nose. The face is the most sun-exposed part of the human body. Your nose is the most projected part of the face. It gets hit by the sun when you are outside.

Following are the 2 main causes of nose pigmentation in men:

1.Melasma: It is a hormonal pigmentation seen in both men and women. In men, the pigmentation is very resistant to treatment since men don’t like to use sunscreen. They go out in the sun unprotected, a lot. It is important to avoid the sun and use protection against the sun in whatever way possible. Like a sunscreen and a cap or umbrella. You also need to consider highly intense visible radiation, like the kind that comes from your computer or other gadgets. It is advised to choose a sunscreen with a broad-spectrum sunblock with a minimum SPF of 40. Ideally, it should be effective against UV and Infrared rays, if you are working with inside light or heat.

2.Hormonal component: Your Dermatologist can tell you what kind of Retinol or skin lightening creams you can use. There are many types of over-the-counter skin products available for skin lightening. Some may contain steroids. And so, it is important to know which products you need to steer clear of. And you should use the recommended cream regularly as suggested by your dermatologist. A sunscreen should be used in the mornings and afternoons, every day. And the prescribed skin lightening cream, whether Vitamin A or non-hydroquinone cream or creams that contain hydroquinone can also be applied. Another type of pigmentation seen in men is freckling. Freckles are a sign of sun exposure. They show up as small dots. They can be lasered off. 
Recently, a phenomenon that is called ‘Chick sign’ (reflective of ‘Chikungunya’) is being observed in persons recovering from a viral fever. It is observed as a sudden pigmentation on the nose. This resolved on its own, without treatment.

To know what is causing pigmentation on your nose, consult your dermatologist who can guide you in the appropriate direction.

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