Parapsoriasis is a condition which is usually diagnosed after a skin biopsy. It is not easy to diagnose it clinically. There are different types of Parapsoriasis. In general, this group of skin diseases is usually characterized by scaly patches, elevated papules, rashes that have a resemblance to psoriasis. There are several other indications that make Parapsoriasis difficult to distinguish from some other conditions.

This is why it is important to consult a dermatologist. A closer look will ensure a more specific and effective treatment. Usually, treatment includes a combination of moisturizers or emollients, topical Tacrolimus application, and phototherapy.

With Parapsoriasis it is very important to follow up with the same dermatologist, monitoring to see if the condition is worsening. If needed, a skin biopsy will be done. It is important to ensure that the diagnosis is correct and rule out other conditions, since there a lot of skin problems that mimic Parapsoriasis.

Some individuals develop white spots on the skin. This hyperpigmentation or skin lightening is experienced due to contact with Nickel. Nickel is part of many alloys. Accessories made with alloys, such as chains, earrings, rings, watches, sunglasses, etc. can rub off on the skin. People who are allergic to Nickel get reactions – rashes, redness, itching, and eczema. Eczema can lead to a lightening of the skin.

If you have a depigmented patch or patch without skin colour, speak to a dermatologist. Avoid any jewellery or accessories that may contain nickel.

Your dermatologist may recommend appropriate creams to apply, targeted phototherapy or targeted lasers to treat your skin.

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