Lost hope with all the skin whitening creams and face washes in the market? This one’s for you. The treatment of pigmentation is difficult especially for darker skinned toned people like in South India. For people with such skin tones, the use of sunscreen, mild face washes and kojic acid is advised to be continued.

Sunscreen is an inevitable part of treating pigmentation. Skipping the use of sunscreen will result in a slow or no response to the treatment undertaken for pigmentation. Another fact is that there are various kojic acid creams available in the market, but it has a high probability of being ineffective because after a while the skin gets used to it. It is then time to switch to glycolic acid based creams or retinol based products that will help to give better exfoliation and skin lightening.

 The integral part of the treatment is to recognize your skin type and find suitable products to be used. Hence, it is time to meet your dermatologist and get your skin examined to know what treatment is to be used. If the pigmentation is present into the deeper layers of the skin, the dermatologist might suggest you to treatments like lasers to lighten the skin tone instead of medicated creams.

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