Mesobotox Treatment

Do you want your skin to look fresh but not plastic? Do you want wrinkle-free but not frozen?

Mesoneuromodulator may be what you are looking for.

Mesotherapy is the form of delivering medicines to the skin and underlying dermis through micro needles so that a small quantity of medicine is spread over a larger area, giving quick results with minimum down time. When you combine Neuromodulator with Mesotherapy, you get uniform texture of skin, which relaxes the small muscles around the eyes, so there is a smooth refreshed appearance of the skin, without compromising on the expressions.

Meso Neuromodulator also helps in reduction of unwanted facial sweating and reduces the excess oil secretion by the oil glands. It also helps reduce pore size and gives a uniform glow to the skin, which makes for a pre party treatment.

The treatment is a short, lunch time procedure with minimal downtime, that means, you can go straight from the clinic to work.
The treatment is best administered by an experienced dermatologist, who will be able to assess the facial musculature, tone and unwanted wrinkles, and give you back the skin you desire.

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