micro needle radio frequency

Micro needle radio frequency (RF) is a treatment done for skin rejuvenation, tightening of skin in case the skin is sagging or for open pores. It is also useful in scars that occur post acne and stretch marks.

This treatment is carried out under topical anaesthesia making it a painless one. The procedure involves insertion of multiple tiny needles into the skin which then deliver heat. The depth of insertion and the intensity of heat can be controlled and depends on the indication of the procedure. The procedure is not time consuming, the entire face can be covered in 10-15 minutes. Immediately after the procedure, there is mild swelling and redness over the area which subsides in about half an hour thus making it a procedure with very little downtime.
This is in contrast to laser where the downtime is about 4-5 days and dermaroller where it is 1 day.
The number of sessions will vary according to the indication and response to treatment. Usually, 3-4 sessions are recommended. The patient is advised strict photo protection after the procedure and a broad spectrum sunscreen is recommended. It is a safe procedure but at times there may be a mild darkening of skin post procedure which is reversible.
The cost depends on the machine being used and varies from clinic to clinic. Micro needle RF is superior to dermaroller and laser thus is slightly more costly than the above treatments.

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