The hands and neck are the areas usually neglected by many, while taking care of the skin. Many use a lot of anti aging creams and sunscreen liberally on the face, but unfortunately, the neck and hands usually never get the same attention. In reality, it is actually the neck and the hands that reveal aging quicker than the other areas and hence, they deserve our care and attention, only more.

Use a moisturizer liberally in the mornings and evenings, regularly. Use a sunscreen always when you are outdoors. Use a stronger variant of the cream on the hands and the neck. Retinol and Vitamin C based creams are very much recommended.

Faster Remedies
For a solution that is even quicker, one might resolve to use PRP therapy (Plasma Rich Platelets) or Laser therapy. If there is already a lot of skin damage, and wrinkles are present already, fillers can be administered via injections to take care of them. They rehydrate the skin.

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