It is observed that a lot of young men and women these days have taken to bleaching their skin in order to make it brighter. The bleach is actually a chemical which de-pigments the hair on the skin. It does not really lighten the skin as such but manages to impart a lighter hue to it, thanks to the lighter hair.

One ought to remember that each time a chemical is applied on the skin its outer layers are damaged. These layers are actually present to protect the inner layers and damaging them prevents them from doing just that, making the skin prone to drying, infections, acne and pimples. These conditions easily set in, especially if one does not take care of the skin after bleaching and hence, bleaching the skin each month is certainly not a good idea. Any chemical bleaching has to be followed by proper use of moisturizer and sunscreen. Negligence of this can lead to long term skin damage.


Try to avoid bleaching totally and use a good sunscreen regularly. Get in touch with your dermatologist to be prescribed with safe skin lightening agents that do not contain steroids and are safe on the skin so that you may totally steer clear of the potentially harmful skin bleach.

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