Skin care tips for beach

The new year is here and many of us are looking forward to having that beach holiday in the coming summer. Though being at the beach can be a very enjoyable experience, it is most important to be taking care of one’s skin, while at it.

The 2 reflective surfaces

At the beach, there are 2 reflective surfaces – the sand and the water. Hence, the chances of getting tanned are way more than in the usual circumstances. Wear a sunscreen of a higher SPF value and one which is waterproof/water-resistant as well, so that each application of it protects you for longer sessions.

Oral antioxidants

One could consume oral antioxidants, which are vitamin tablets that prevent sun damage. Sun damage doesn’t mean tanning alone. It could also cause Melasma, which is pigmentation caused by hormones on the face or body. With cumulative sun exposure, skin wrinkling and aging are brought on as well. Hence, though one might not mind tanning much, it is still important to use sunscreen at the beach so as to avoid the rest of the list of adverse effects of sun exposure.

It is also a great idea to invest in a good quality pH balanced cleanser, to be using while at the beach. And once you are back from the beach holiday, be sure to use a moisturizer frequently. Another tip would be to choose pediatric sunscreens, as they don’t have many harmful chemicals which are present in the ones for adults.

If you’d like to know more about skin protection, feel free to get in touch with us.

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