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Acne Scar Treatment


hair loss laser treatmentIt is everyone’s dream to have a soft, smooth and fair looking skin on their face. It is so unfortunate to have scars left over on your face from childhood.

Many people face the problem of acne at some or the other point of their life leaving scars on their face. Acne usually develops when the skin’s pores get blocked by oil and dead skin cells. Generally, acne starts during teenage due to hormonal changes. You need to be very careful during this period and should wash your face at least twice with gentle soap and avoid oil-based cosmetics.

The presence of pimples on the face make people uncomfortable as it blemishes the skin. Today, there is no need to worry about acne and the scars that it leaves behind as various treatments are available.

TIXEL, is a novel Thermomechanical device used for skin tightening, anti-ageing and skin scars. TIXEL works through a Titanium tip with small contact points which are about 20 microns in size. It delivers energy to the skin through a prefixed contact time and contact depth. Hence, TIXEL can be used at different depths and different contact times to deliver different results.


TIXEL can be used in the treatment for acne scars, open pores, fine lines, skin laxity or skin tightening, melasma, stretch marks and skin rejuvenation.
It depends on the treatment area. Usually, no anaesthetic is applied and the treatment is not painful. The person can resume work the next day.

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