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hair loss laser treatmentConditions of skin due to ageing and other reasons have become a cause of worry especially for people in the middle age group. People invariably try to find ways to come out of this situation. A solution to this skin condition and a brand-new method of making the skin glowing is to hydrate it inside out using hyaluronic acid microdroplets. The deep hydration improves the quality of the skin and gives a polished outlook.

Skin ageing is gradual and along with this, changes in lifestyle and work-related pressure further adds to the damage. Cosmetics like creams and lotions can work to a certain extent. The collagen and elastic fibers inside the skin also continue to degrade. Simultaneously, the natural hyaluronic acid which contributes to the tightness and water holding capacity of the skin also declines. This results in the skin becoming dry, and wrinkles starts appearing on the skin.

The recommended solution is adding hyaluronic acid under the skin surface. This will enhance hydration of the skin giving a fresh and youthful appearance. Treatment using hyaluronic acid can be performed on the face, lips, neck and back of the hands and decollette.

A popular and internationally acclaimed brand used for this treatment is Restylane, a product of Galderma Inc. Please speak to your dermatologist for more information.


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