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Fast action Acne buster – Black peel

Your important day is just a week away and then you get that burst of pimples on your face. Sounds familiar? Not to worry, the Black peel is here to your rescue.

The Black peel is a potent peel used to treat acne and pimples. This is an advanced peel, for use by experienced dermatologists only. The Black peel helps improve large acne and acne over back or shoulders giving quick relief in a single session.

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Pigmentation control with Cosmelan peel

The Cosmelan peel is one of the premier solution for control of pigmentation and melasma world over. This advanced and well researched product finds good support from dermatologists and patients world wide.

The Cosmelan system consists of a peel, which is administered by a professional dermatologist, and a home care cream which the patient uses at home. The combination offers unparalleled improvement in pigmentation and texture of the skin. The advantages of this system are that it does not contain hydroquinone or TCA, which makes it safe to use on all skin types, and can be used any time of the year.

Melanostop peel – Melasma Treatment

The Melanostop peel is especially formulated for the treatment of melasma and other pigmentary disorders. The treatment takes the form of a pigment exfoliation and control system which helps target pigmentation located in the upper layers of the skin. Treatments need to be strictly done by qualified dermatologists, and repeated every two weeks till desired results are obtained. Home care in the form of sunscreens, antioxidants and topical pigment lightening agents are usually prescribed to maintain results.

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The information provided in Dr. Dixit's answer is for educational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical advice. The information provided should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultations with a qualified health professional who may be familiar with your individual medical needs.

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