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Newer peels


hair loss laser treatmentThose days are gone where you come suddenly across pimples on your face and have to wait for longer duration to see the impact of cosmetic creams and lotions. Moreover, there was no guarantee of any significant results. However, today you are fortunate to have different types of peels for your rescue.

Black peel one is among those peels which is used to treat acne and pimples. This is an advanced peel and used to treat large acne and acne over to back of shoulders to give a quick relief in a single session.

Another peel is Cosmelan peel, a solution recommended for control of pigmentation and melasma. The Cosmelan method of treatment consists of a peel and a supplementary home care cream which the patient uses at home. This combination helps in the improvement in pigmentation, texture and smoothness of the skin.

A peel developed for the treatment of melasma and other pigmentary disorders is the Melanostop peel. The treatment is based on a pigment exfoliation and control system which is intended to treat pigmentation in the upper layers of the skin.


Cosmelan Peel is a recommended treatment for pigmentation and melasma. It is considered as a safe method of treatment for all skin types as it does not contain hydroquinone or TCA.
The frequency of the treatment is every two weeks till the desired results are seen. Once completed results are visible, it can be further maintained by using antioxidants and topical pigment lightening agents.

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