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Lactic Acid Peels


Lactic Acid PeelsIt has been a tradition to wash your face with milk as it is believed to enhance a glowing skin. The secret behind it is the presence of Lactic acid in milk which hydrates the skin.

A Lactic Acid Peel is a chemical peel in which Lactic acid is the main component. Lactic Acid is derived from sour milk. The active agent has been separated and synthesized and available in various concentrations and combinations today. How Lactic acid impacts the skin is that it hydrates the skin as it exfoliates, making the skin glowing and giving a more youthful appearance. This is a very mild peel and suited for all skin types.

Lactic Acid Peel treatment is a simple procedure that is performed as an outpatient treatment in the clinic. On the day performing the procedure, the dermatologist determines the correct concentration and chemical peeling agent to be used. The skin is then cleansed with a soap free cleanser. Lactic Acid Peel is then applied to the skin by the dermatologist. The peeling agent is left for 5-10 minutes and neutralized thereafter. A post peel balm and sunscreen are then applied.

There are no serious side effects associated with the treatment. Most patients experience a mild warmth or mild stinging sensation.


Lactic Acid Peels is most recommended if you have a dry skin. Lactic Acid Peels are also suited for the delicate skin around the eyes if in case you have dark circles.
After care treatment includes using a soap free face wash with a good moisturiser and a broad band sunscreen regularly. Consult your dermatologist for more information

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