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Facial Sculpting


hair loss laser treatmentFacial sculpting is a non-surgical method of treatment which helps in shaping and defining your face to project the positive features as you wish. It also helps in correcting and balancing body features so that your body and face look more attractive. For example, if you wish to change the shape of your nose to give a more attractive appearance, then Facial Sculpting is the best recommended method to execute your wish.

Facial sculpting works through a combination of treatments such as Fillers and Neuromodulator Treatment in combination with Thread Lifts to contour, enhance and modify the features which results in the face becoming soft and pleasing to the eye.
The treatment is also less painless, reasonably inexpensive and is free from risk of allergic reactions.

In the modern world where people invest lot of time and effort in research and application of beauty concepts, Facial Sculpting holds an important position in the field of cosmetic treatment.


The procedure is very simple and usually takes 15 to 30 minutes.
The main advantage of the treatment is that the results are immediately visible. However, you need to wait for 2 weeks to one month to see the complete results. The results last from one year to 18 months but can be maintained through simple follow up treatments.
The treatment is completely safe and there may be minor side effects like bruising and swelling which is usually resolved within a few hours to few days.

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