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Defined Jawline


hair loss laser treatmentJawline plays an important role in the overall appearance of a person. A measured jawline is a symbol of youth and beauty. The jawline develops sagging along with age which doesn’t look good at all and affects the confidence level of an individual. As such, much importance is being given to the maintenance of body parts today such as neck, jawline and hands to preserve beauty of the face.

With advances in the field of cosmetic medicine, you no longer need to worry about an undesirable jawline. The changes in the structure of jawline is now possible through a combination of procedures like Neuromodulator treatment, Fillers, Thread Lifts, Non ablative Radio frequency skin tightening etc.

The major concerns with respect to jawline like sagging in face and neck area, jawline, double chin etc can be effectively handled and rectified through Defined Jawline treatment. Please consult Dr. Rasya for more information.


If you are physically fit, the double chin may not be due to fat deposit but maybe due a small chin or jaw. This can be easily rectified through a simple injection of filler in the lower jawline and chin area.
This can be corrected through addressing the collagen by tightening it with Radio frequency skin tightening or lifting the sagging tissues by Thread Lifts, replacing the lost volume using fillers or relaxing downward pull by muscle using Neuromodulator treatment.

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